Sun (サン, "San") is a cute infant debuting in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sun is a baby made of flames, whose only clothes are a diaper. Her Magical Drop F design is similar, the only difference being that Sun now wears a cape. In Sun's transformed state, she grows older.

Magical Drop III Edit

Sun is a potential fourth opponent in Challenge Mode's easy difficulty, and a potential eighth opponent in its normal and hard difficulties. In her arcade ending, World and High Priestess try to help her bathe, but it leads to disaster. In her console ending, she shares the Magical Drops with the de-aged Wheel of Fortune.

Magical Drop F Edit

Sun can be found in Lovers's story. Her starting item is a lantern that removes all of the drops from the field.

Official DescriptionsEdit

Magical Drop III Wii Virtual Console manualEdit

An infant full of energy. Friendly and with the cutest smile which everyone absolutely loves.

Hobby: Napping
Personality: Inattentive
Likes: Rolling around
Dislikes: Nothing in particular

Magical Drop III ACA NeoGeo manualEdit

Sun sleeps a lot since she's still a baby. She has a friendly personality. Her adorable smile makes her quite popular.

Trivia Edit

  • Sun is the youngest known character in the series.
  • Sun is not a playable character in Magical Drop Pocket, but she appears in High Priestess's ending.