"I want to perform in the biggest stage in Magical Land and make everyone happy!!"
— Star's ending in Magical Drop V

Star (スター, "Sutā") is a precocious girl who debuted in the original Magical Drop.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Star has long blue/turquoise hair, wears a simple yellow dress, and lacks shoes. Her transformed state in Magical Drop F gives her a pink dress and long boots. She is generally depicted with two jars that constantly pour water onto the ground.

According to her profiles in Magical Drop II and Magical Drop III, she is a popular girl with a bright smile and endless cheer. Her "like" is brushing her teeth to maintain her excellent smile and she does not dislike anything in particular. One quirk of her character is that, despite her best efforts, she is an extremely terrible singer. In the Japanese versions, she places overemphasis on the copula "desu" in her speech.

Magical Drop Edit

Star is an opponent and playable character in the first Magical Drop.

Magical Drop II Edit

Star is the second opponent, after defeating Fool; she also represents Expert difficulty in the Japanese versions' Puzzle and Flash modes.

Magical Drop III Edit

Star is playable in all modes.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop Pocket Edit

Star is not playable, but cameos in Chariot's ending.

Magical Drop F Edit

In Justice's story, Justice was knocked out due to Star's singing damaging her ears. Her starting item, White Microphone, reverses the opponent's controls. In 1P vs. COM, she is located on the sixteenth stage of the hard difficulty.

Trivia Edit

  • In Magical Drop Touch, she is the only character featured in the demo version.
  • In Ranma 1/2, Hinako Ninomiya resembles Star.
  • According to the relationships, Star is friends with High Priestess and Temperance.
  • In her ending of Magical Drop V, Star's singing damages Devil and Fortune's ears.
  • Star, along with Justice are the only characters to tie Empress up upon defeating her in Magical Drop III's Magical Journey mode.