Moon (ムーン, "Mūn") is a trendy young woman debuting as a mid-boss in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Moon has long silver hair and wears a purple dress that leaves almost all of her legs exposed. She has a half-moon on her forehead.

In Magical Drop F, Moon has blue-ish hair and significantly darker skin. She wears a pink shirt and white skirt normally; in her transformed state, she invokes a belly dancer-like appearance with an incredibly small top, baggy pants, and long lock of hair down the left side of her face.

Moon is a stereotypical "stylish" girl with multiple flirtatious animations. However, she is shown to be shallow at times such as when she trashes Chariot's outfit, and when she wishes for a mountain of gifts in her console ending.

Magical Drop III Edit

Moon is a secret boss, encountered by defeating Hermit in 90 seconds or less.

In her arcade ending, she wishes for clothes fitting of her, but ends up receiving a gaudy dress that is mocked by Devil and Judgement. In her console ending, she keeps thinking up of more and more wishes, exhausting Tower.

Magical Drop F Edit

She is the 21st opponent in 1P vs CPU's hard difficulty. She is also encountered in Lovers's story. Moon's starting item is an amulet where it removes most of the drops on the player's field.

Trivia Edit

  • Moon's moon symbol on her forehead is similar to the one on High Priestess' miter.
  • She is one of two characters to significantly change skin color; the other is Death.
    • Moon's darker skin color in Magical Drop F might be a reference to the Japanese ganguro fashion fad in the late 1990s, an effort to make her design better fit the belly dancer motif, or both.