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Magical Drop for WonderSwan (マジカルドロップ for ワンダースワン) is a spinoff puzzle game that released for Bandai's WonderSwan handheld. It features traditional Magical Drop gameplay, and its music and art is based on Magical Drop F.


Magical Drop for WonderSwan's core gameplay is based on its predecessors, particularly Magical Drop III. It utilizes the WonderSwan's vertical orientation, with the Y-pad controlling the clown and manual row dropping and the X3/X4 buttons controlling the grab/release functions. Like many other handheld puzzle games of the time, Story does not feature a "true" AI opponent; instead, the player attempts to fill a gauge by creating chains. While the player attempts to fill this gauge, the AI attacks at random intervals.

The game features Story, Puzzle, and Multiplayer modes. Story consists of a series of battles against the other playable characters before facing off against Empress and Wheel of Fortune. The Puzzle mode is similar to the non-competitive modes in previous games, where the player matches balloons for as long as possible.





Magical Drop for WonderSwan also includes a Fortune-Telling mode. Players enter a life subject (such as Love or Work) and their birthday, and the game provides them a fortune accordingly. Unlike other parts of the game, this mode uses the WonderSwan's horizontal orientation, with the X-pad moving the cursor and the A/B buttons making selections.