Magical Drop Touch
The title screen on the iPhone and Android




G-mode Co., Ltd.


Data East

Release Date

October 20, 2009

Magical Drop Touch is a Magical Drop spinoff, released for the iPhone and Android on October 20, 2009. Its release marked the end of a nine-year hiatus following the release of the Game Boy Color Magical Drop.

Description Edit

Data East returns with its Brand New Version of its Best Selling Retro Classic, Magical Drop. This time, World has summoned her favorite friends Fool, Star, Devil, Chariot, and Justice to compete in a Magical Drop Tournament to challenge her at a chance to receive a wish of their own desire.

Features Edit

  • Arcade Mode: 5 Difficulty Settings
  • Endless Mode: 100 Levels
  • Record Tracker: Track your Record (Time, Chains, Level)

Characters Edit

Arcade Mode Stage Order Edit

Stage Number Opponent
1 Fool
2 Star
3 Devil
4 Chariot
5 Justice
Final World

Discontinuation Edit

As of March 30, 2012, the distribution of Magical Drop Touch has been discontinued.

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