Magical Drop F - Daibouken Mo Rakujyanai! (マジカルドロップF - 大冒険 も 楽じゃない, Magical Drop F: The Big Adventure is Not Easy) is the fourth main Magical Drop game. It was released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation on October 21, 1999. Magical Drop F includes character-specific items that have various effects when activated.

Characters Edit

Returning CharactersEdit

NOTE: All characters return from each Magical Drop game.


  • Burnz (Secret Character)

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

  • Black Pierrot (cameo on Daughter Strength's dizzified head)
  • Fool Cat (appears alongside Fool)
  • Gao Gao (appears alongside Daughter Strength)
  • A white-haired girl with a teddy bear (Story mode)
  • A male villager (Story Mode)
  • A male woodsperson (Story Mode)
  • A female villager (Story Mode)
  • A male guard (Story Mode)
  • Bunny Magician (Story Mode)
  • An old man (Story Mode)
  • A native village girl (Story Mode)
  • Princess Star (Story Mode)

1P Vs. COM Stage Order Edit

Easy Edit

Stage Number Opponent
1 Fool
2 Magician
3 High Priestess

Medium Edit

NOTE: From stages 2-7, one group of characters will be chosen at random. Fool remains on Stage 1, Fortune remains on the final stage, and Burnz can be challenged on the secret stage. However, they do not count on some of these groups. See "Trivia" for the objective on how to reach Burnz's stage.

Stage Number Villains Males World's Warriors Master Challengers Heroes Neo Challengers Females (1) Females (2)
1 Fool Fool Fool Fool Fool Fool Fool Fool
2 Devil Emperor Hierophant High Priestess Lovers Magician Daughter Strength World
3 Father Strength Magician Lovers Star Emperor Daughter Strength Sun Moon
4 Hanged Man Chariot Sun Chariot Judgement Empress Lovers Death
5 Moon Hermit Devil Justice Temperance Devil Star Empress
6 Death Father Strength Temperance Hermit Justice Hermit Death High Priestess
7 Tower Hierophant World Tower World Tower Judgement Star
Final Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
Secret Burnz Burnz Burnz Burnz Burnz Burnz Burnz Burnz

Hard Edit

NOTE: The player must defeat all of the characters that were shown in this exact order.

Stage Number Opponent
1 World
2 Fool
3 Magician
4 High Priestess
5 Hierophant
6 Emperor
7 Lovers
8 Daughter Strength
9 Father Strength
10 Devil
11 Empress
12 Justice
13 Chariot
14 Hermit
15 Temperance
16 Star
17 Sun
18 Judgement
19 Hanged Man
20 Death
21 Moon
22 Tower
Final Wheel of Fortune
Secret Burnz

Voice Cast Edit

Voice actor Character
Akira Suda Fool, Piggy (Butasan)
Yui Horie Star, Fool Cat (Fool Neko)
Kōki Miyata Magician
Yūko Mizutani Justice, High Priestess
Ai Orikasa Daughter Strength, Empress
K. ta Nishihara Emperor
Mari Mashiba Hierophant, Sun
Satomi Kōrogi Rini, World
Hideki Ogihara Chariot, Tower
Ken Yamaguchi Father Strength, Hanged Man
Takayasu Usui Hermit, Burnz, Gao Gao
Naoko Matsui Fortune, Devil
Yuka Tokumitsu Temperance, Death
Nanako Itsumi Moon
Tomoko Kawakami Judgement

Trivia Edit

  • Magical Drop F was previously available on the North American PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic, but was delisted and never returned. Interestingly, every Magical Drop game was delisted from Japanese PSN as well, but eventually returned.
  • Burnz's stage can be reached in 1P vs. COM, after scoring at least 150,000 or more points on the medium difficulty, and 1,500,000 points on the hard difficulty without having a chance to use a continue. NOTE: Upon further testing, this appears to be false and requires more research. The exact conditions to face Burnz are currently unclear.
  • World and Burnz do not visually change when their items are used.
  • Black Pierrot is the only character from Magical Drop III who is not playable in this game. He does, however, cameo in one of Daughter Strength's animations.
  • Four characters in the Character Artwork concept pages are misspelt:
    • Magician as "Mgician"
    • Judgement as "Judement"
    • Emperor as "Empereor"
    • Temperance as "Tenperance"
  • Whether intentional or purely coincidental, Magical Drop F shares many similarities with Puyo Puyo~n. Both puzzle games are the fourth mainline entries in their respective series, released in 1999, were console-exclusive entries in traditionally arcade-based series, changed from super-deformed art to slightly more realistic proportions, and introduced character-specific powers.

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