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"I wanna grow up like my big sisters."
— Ending of Lovers in Magical Drop Pocket

Lovers (ラバーズ, Rabāzu) is a cute young girl introduced in Magical Drop III. She is a major character in Magical Drop F, with her own story that is unlocked after Justice's story is finished. She is almost never seen without her friend Mr. Piggy (ブタ, Buta).

Appearance and Personality[]

Lovers is a small girl wearing a pink tunic and no shoes. Her hair is tied into two curly pigtails, and she wears hearts in her hair as decorations. In Magical Drop F, she is significantly older (going from slightly above toddler age to preadolescent), but styles her hair in roughly the same manner. She wears a dress and thick shoes. In her transformed state, she loses the outer part of her dress and wraps a belt around her torso.

In all appearances, Piggy is a pig with a heart on their forehead.

Lovers is a sweet young girl. According to her Magical Drop III profile, she likes playing grown-up with Mr. Piggy. However, she does not like brushing her teeth; in one 4koma, this puts her at odds with Star.

Magical Drop III[]

Lovers is playable in all modes.

She is a potential fifth opponent in Challenge Mode's easy difficulty and a potential 2nd opponent in its normal and hard difficulties.

In Magical Journey, Empress's gang threatens to cook Mr. Piggy. If Lovers manages to topple Empress, she has a tearful reunion with her friend before teaming with Daughter Strength to hang Empress upside down from a tree.

Rivals in Magical Journey[]

Magical Drop Pocket[]

Lovers is a playable character. In her ending, she wishes to grow up "like her big sisters." A seemingly-teenage Lovers is depicted, but she says that she doesn't feel right.

Magical Drop F[]

Lovers stars in an adventure mode that is unlocked after clearing Justice's story. In 1P vs. COM, she is the seventh opponent on the hard difficulty. Lovers' starting item is a Heart Decoration.

Official Descriptions[]

Magical Drop III Wii Virtual Console manual[]

A close pair (?) who have always been the best of friends. On their own they might not be strong enough, but they succeed by assisting each other.

  • Hobby: Playing with Mr. Piggy
  • Personality: Sweet
  • Likes: Playing grown-ups
  • Dislikes: Brushing teeth

Magical Drop III ACA NeoGeo manual[]

These two (?) have been together since birth and act like brother and sister. Although he seems like an unreliable pig, when the time requires it, he acts as a knight to Lovers.


  • The Lover Girl's appearance in the Magical Drop franchise bears a resemblance to Chibiusa Tsukino from the Sailor Moon franchise.