"I will defend Magical Land!"
— Justice's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Justice (ジャスティス, "Jasutisu") is a sword-wielding teenager introduced in Magical Drop II. She notably serves as the primary protagonist of Magical Drop F.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Justice wears leather armor that bares her midriff. She wears a charm around her forehead and is usually seen holding a balancing scale in one hand.

She has an incredibly strong sense of justice. According to her Magical Drop III profile, her hobby is to train to defeat evil, her likes are good deeds, and her dislikes are evil deeds. Justice and Chariot, both of whom trained under Hermit, share a friendly rivalry.

Magical Drop II Edit

Justice is the sixth opponent of Challenge Mode, following High Priestess. In her ending, she dresses up like High Priestess, Star, and World.

Magical Drop III Edit

Justice is playable in all modes. She appears as either the second or third opponent in the standard Vs. CPU mode, depending on how long it takes to defeat Devil in the first stage.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop Pocket Edit

She is playable in Magical Drop Pocket. In her ending, she wishes for makeup, but ends up going overboard on applying it.

Magical Drop F Edit

Justice is the protagonist of the game's story mode. Her starting item is a sword that boosts her attack power.

Official DescriptionsEdit

Magical Drop II Wii Virtual Console manualEdit

Her boyish look doesn't end there. This young girl is as determined as they come and she never likes to lose.

Magical Drop III Wii Virtual Console manualEdit

A strongly righteous girl who dislikes any "questionable" behavior. Her dream is to use her Justice Sword to extinguish evil from the world!

Hobby: Fighting and training to destroy evil
Personality: Driven by an intense sense of justice
Likes: Works of good
Dislikes: Bad deeds

Magical Drop III ACA NeoGeo manualEdit

She has a strong sense of justice and hates things that are not just. Her goal is to defeat all evil in this world with her trusty sword.