Hermit (ハーミット, "Hāmitto") is an old man introduced as a mid-boss in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Hermit is a small man with a long beard and eyebrows so thick that they cover his eyes. He wears a hooded cloak and carries a lantern. He wears a bindi-like dot on his forehead. In Magical Drop F, he is a tall man with a green cape normally, but shrinks into a small man reminiscent of his previous incarnation after using his transformation.

Hermit is the master of Chariot and Justice. While clearly wise enough to train two warriors, he is sometimes depicted as clumsy (such as when he caused Chariot to lose the Magical Drops in Chariot's console ending) and not above chasing young women. (Such as in his own console ending.)

Magical Drop III Edit

He is the sixth opponent in Challenge Mode's normal and hard difficulty, regardless of the path that the player takes. He is also featured as a sub-boss in Magical Journey. In his arcade ending, he intends on testing his students but is quickly eliminated by Justice. In his console ending, he wishes to be able to hit on younger women, but is verbally thrashed by Moon for his clothing while trying to do so.

Magical Drop F Edit

In 1P vs. COM, he is located at the fourteenth stage of the hard difficulty. Hermit's starting item is Hermit's Bill.