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"Mmmm, I wanna take a comfortable bath."
— Hanged Man's ending in Magical Drop Pocket

Hanged Man (ハングドマン, Hangudoman) is a shady character debuting as a secret boss in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality[]

Hanged Man wears tattered clothes, a hat with the top ripped out, and is occasionally seen chewing on a straw. He is almost always upside-down, oftentimes standing on thin air to do so. In Magical Drop F, he wears a vest and several belts including one over his eye; in his transformed state, he wears leather and adds even more restraints.

He is sometimes depicted as a pervert; Magical Drop III 4-Koma Ketteiban in particular features several gags centered around Hanged Man's ability to "up-skirt" the female cast.

Magical Drop III[]

Hanged Man is a secret boss, encountered by defeating Hermit with a clear time of more than 300 seconds. He also appears as a mid-boss in Magical Journey. In his arcade ending, he wishes to time-travel, noting how Magician changes over the years and how Fool doesn't. In the console version, he wishes to be normal for a day, which causes everyone else to hang upside down instead.

Magical Drop Pocket[]

He is initially a mid-boss, but is made playable by clearing the game. In his ending, he wishes for a comfortable bath, and appears next to a bathtub with World waiting.

Magical Drop F[]

Hanged Man's starting item is a hook where it protects the player from enemy attacks while it holds the entire stack.


  • Hanged Man is occasionally spelled "Hangedman" in Magical Drop Pocket.