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Emperor (エンペラー, Enperā) is a very excitable man introduced in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality[]

Emperor is a tall, lanky male with a thin mustache. He wears a crown, along with white robes draped in a red cape.

In Magical Drop F, he has slightly longer hair styled in a ponytail, and wears a black suit with a red cape. In his transformed state, he wears a crown and dons a more ornate lavender and yellow robe.

Emperor is obsessed with all things beautiful, paying a feverish amount of attention to makeup and general grooming. His facial expressions are heavily exaggerated, and once he has become angry, his rage is unstoppable. Emperor is shown to be attracted to men rather than women, given his heavy crush on Hierophant and the fact that he hits on a gender-flipped Judgement in her arcade ending. He is occasionally referred to as a cross-dresser.

Magical Drop III[]

Emperor is playable in all modes.

He is faced a potential 5th opponent in Challenge Mode's Easy difficulty and potential 3rd opponent in the same mode's Normal and Hard difficulties.

In Magical Journey, Empress and her lackeys mark on his face while he is sleeping. If Emperor defeats Empress, he will return the favor. Emperor also encounters Empress in the PlayStation version's Challenge Mode. She takes her whip to him, which he actually enjoys.

In his arcade ending, he states that he wants Hierophant's affection, which prompts Moon to stuff him into a sack and High Priestess to throw him into a nearby river. In his console ending, he swallows the entire jar of Magical Drops, then declares his love to a none-too-pleased Hierophant.

Rivals in Magical Journey[]

Magical Drop F[]

Emperor is the sixth opponent in the 1P vs CPU mode's hard difficulty. Emperor's item, his lipstick, slows down the opponent's movement.

Official Descriptions[]

Magical Drop III Wii Virtual Console manual[]

Has a fancy for all things beautiful. His feverish attention to makeup and removing stray hairs turned him into a cross-dresser. But once he unleashes his anger, there's no stopping his rage. He admires Hierophant.

  • Hobby: Collecting art, and the pursuit of beauty
  • Personality: Exuberant
  • Likes: Hanging out with beautiful people
  • Dislikes: Things of bad taste

Magical Drop III ACA NeoGeo manual[]

Emperor has a strong admiration for beautiful things and is passionate about make-up and the removal of unnecessary hair...