Daughter Strength (ストレングス, "Sutorengusu"), also referred to as Strength-ko and Strength II (ストレングス(娘)), is Father Strength's adopted daughter. She is paired up with her pet lion named Gao Gao (ガオガオ).

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Daughter Strength is a young girl with short brown hair. She wears a tattered shirt with the infinity symbol on it, green skirt with a large belt, and thick bracers on either wrist.

In Magical Drop F, she has short red hair. She wears a tattered brown outfit, with one side torn from the shoulder to expose an orange top, as well as bracers and leg warmers. In her transformed state, she wears animal claws and regains her green skirt.

Magical Drop III Edit

After Daughter Strength's father was brainwashed by Empress, she makes it her mission to bring her father back to life from her in Magical Journey. If she wins, she'll threaten to beat up Empress for brainwashing Strength, but also beats him up along with her. In challenge mode, she is located at the third stage on easy, and the tenth stage on medium / hard.

In her arcade ending, she wishes for a beautiful house, but Father Strength ends up wrecking it while playing with her and Gao Gao. In her console ending, she and Lovers race home to get something to eat.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop F Edit

Daughter Strength is located at the eighth stage on the hard difficulty of 1P vs. COM. Her starting item is Gao Gao's Claw, which creates two shortcut walls.

Official DescriptionsEdit

Magical Drop III Wii Virtual Console manualEdit

An orphan left in the jungle with Rawr-rawr the lion and adopted by his now-father. Because of her rambunctious nature she's often mistaken for a boy - but are they ever wrong!

Hobby: Hunting
Personality: Respectful of her father
Likes: Playing on the outdoors
Dislikes: Staying still

Magical Drop III ACA NeoGeo manualEdit

Strength was found alongside a baby lion in a jungle by her father. This supremely energetic girl is often mistaken for a boy.

Trivia Edit

  • Daughter Strength was likely created with the intention of having a character in line with the traditional Tarot depiction of Strength, rather than the very loose interpretation that was used for her father.
  • Daughter Strength's infinity symbol on her shirt resembles the one on Magician's sweatband and Empress' robes.
  • Daughter Strength appears on the European PlayStation Magical Drop III's cover as an adult woman.
  • Daughter Strength's Wii VC profile contains an error regarding her gender, stating that she was found by "his" now-father. It also refers to Gao Gao as "Rawr-rawr", likely due to "gao" serving as a common Japanese onomatopoeia for roaring.