Burnz's background card for Player 1 in Magical Drop F

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First Appearance

Magical Drop F



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Voice Actor

Takayasu Usui



Burnz (バーンズ, "Bānzu") is a secret character in Magical Drop F and he can be unlocked by completing Justice's story campaign for the second time after defeating him once in the cave area. Burnz can also be challenged by scoring a lot of points after defeating Fortune. This will do the same thing in Magical Drop II when advancing straight to Black Pierrot. Burnz's starting item is a Burning Stone where it sets the opponent's clown on fire for a short time. The opponent will have a hard time catching up while his / her clown is on fire.

Trivia Edit

  • Burnz's stage can be reached after the player clears all of the stages and must have scored 150,000 points or more on the medium difficulty and 1,500,000 on the hard difficulty in 1P mode.
  • Burnz, along with World are the only two characters who do not transform in Magical Drop F.
  • In Magical Drop F, Burnz, along with High Priestess and Fortune are the only three characters who are final bosses in 1P vs. COM. High Priestess was the final boss at the 3rd stage of the easy difficulty, while Fortune takes the role for her at the 8th stage of the medium difficulty and the 23rd stage of the hard difficulty. Burnz can be the true final boss of the medium and hard difficulties.

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